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TIP-TOPOL is the largest domestic manufacturer of membranes for pneumatic suspensions for trucks and buses. The Company was set up in 1988 and it has been extending its range of products and sale markets step by step. Presently, 90% of production for the membranes in pneumatic suspensions is supplied to markets beyond the borders of Poland. In 2005 the company made a decision to extend the assortment of manufactured membranes by starting production of complete pneumatic (suspension) springs together with metal or plastic elements. Presently, production of the membranes and auxiliary elements takes place at our factory, the area qualling 8000m2.  


The goal of the company from the very beginning has been to provide complex services of tyres and re-treading within stores. Since 1993 the company has been a representative of REMA TIP TOP GmbH in Poland. As a general representative we have extended our catalogue of products and services by industrial programs offering materials to repair and connect conveyor tapes, rubber linings and other special materials and tools. For many years TIP-TOPOL has been regularly extending its catalogue of products and services in the field of equipment for workshops, representing a series of recognised Western Europe companies in the domestic market. 

Since then, we have sold materials, tools and appliances and applied required knowledge to technology and applications. The company has provided its clients with a training centre. It is the largest training centre in Poland, which offers professional trainings in the field of:
  • repairs of all tyres,
  • technology of wheels fastening and balancing,
  • service and repairs of air conditioning systems,
  • industrial trainings.

Giving consideration to needs of the market, we manufacture a series of machinery and tools, as well as zinc weights and lead weights to balance wheels of cars and trucks. 

Presently, the company hires 220 employees who work in two factories located in Pobiedziska and 9 branches in the area of Poland.

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